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Professor Jim Gallo

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My academic training is in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Long ago I did a sabbatical with Dennis Groothuis, MD, a neuro-oncologist at Northwestern University that stimulated me to focus on brain tumor research. That commitment coincided with my tenure at Fox Chase Cancer Center that was a tour de force in shaping my thinking about research. Subsequently, I was fortunate to join Dr. Ravi Iyengar’s department at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine who led my development in systems pharmacology, which is now the focus of my research.

2022 Buffalo Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Symposium
Virtual Meeting

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Trainees (postdocs and students) are encouraged to submit Abstracts for possible presentation.


     July 27 & 28th, 2022


Saini A and Gallo JM. Epigenetic instability may alter cell state transitions and anticancer drug resistance. PLOS Computational Biology, 17:1009307, 2021.



Gallo JM. Hybrid physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model for remdesivir: Application to SARS-CoV-2. Clin Transl Sci, 14:1082-1092, 2021.